Willow Coffins

Handwoven with care from sustainable natural willow

Each of our willow coffins are unique and we take great pride and care in making sure each one is perfect. Our Willow Coffins are FFMA-approved – a certification which makes them suitable for cremation and burials in the UK. All our woven coffins, including our willow coffins, bear this certification and have been weight-tested up to 150kg to ensure they are fit for purpose. Additionally, as no plastic or metal fixings are used in our highly sustainable woven coffins, all of them can be used for natural burials and green funeral options. 


How are willow coffins made? 

Also known as wicker coffins, or basket coffins, willow coffins are beautifully handwoven using sustainable willow using traditional methods.  

Willow is a fast-growing wood, making it an environmentally friendly material for coffins. Crafted using traditional skills by skilled weavers, they are woven on a frame to either a traditional coffin shape or our own signature “teardrop” shape which has lovely curving lines. 

The base of our coffins has been designed for strength and stability and has integrated support built-in between two layers of base. All fixings are recessed to prevent snagging when moving or sliding the coffin and there are no metal parts. The handles are fully tested for weight-bearing and there are recessed fingerholds for added security. This unique base construction gives confidence when moving, lifting and carrying. 


Why choose a Tributes willow coffin? 

Tributes’ willow coffins are beautifully woven by hand. Each one is unique, and we take great pride and care in preparing them for dispatch. All our woven coffins have gone through vigorous testing to make sure you, and your funeral director, can have complete peace of mind. 

Beautifully handcrafted from woven willow using traditional methods and using only natural materials. The lid has an attractive plaited willow edge detail and is securely fastened by toggles. 


For further information and help choosing the right woven coffin for your customers, please read our in-depth article on the different types of woven coffin. Our Willow Coffins are also available in babies’ and children’s sizes.  



You can order our beautiful woven coffins through your Funeral Director


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