Choosing an Urn

Choosing an urn that reflects your loved one’s personality and your relationship can be the key to creating a memorial that is unique and meaningful.

Most people will want the urn, in some way, to reflect the personality of their loved one or to symbolise the relationship they had with them, but there are other factors to consider when choosing the perfect memorial.

Reflecting your loved one’s personality in their urn or memorial

It’s important to choose an urn or memorial that reminds you of the person you have lost, brings back happy memories and is meaningful. A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words and, for many people, perhaps the best way to evoke memories of happy times they shared with their loved one is with photos. Our photo urns have an ashes container discreetly concealed behind a beautiful hand-crafted frame. To combine a photo with an ashes urn is, for some, the perfect memorial choice as it both represents and “is” the person, while bringing happy thoughts to mind.

Another way to inject personality is with a Memory Box which can also be used to store small treasured mementos. These are made from eco-friendly bamboo and also hold a photo in the photo-frame lid.  They are perfect for engraving and our talented team have created some beautiful designs to make them extra special.

Choosing an urn to match the coffin

Some families like to choose an ashes urn that matches or coordinates with the coffin they chose. This is particularly true when the coffin is personalised to reflect their loved one’s personality, such as a coloured coffin. Our woven ashes urns coordinate with our coffin ranges and some can be painted to match a bespoke coffin colour choice. They can also be personalised with our lovely Heart Tags which can be engraved with special messages and motifs.

Creating a unique and personalised urn or memorial

Many of our urns can be personalised and our online design tool is a wonderful way for you to create an urn that is special and unique. Designing the memorial yourself can be very helpful in the grieving and healing process following your bereavement. We have templates for inspiration and our talented team is always on hand to help you.

Choosing an urn that’s right for your home and family

When choosing an urn or memorial you will want to consider what is right for your family and choose something that will look beautiful and appropriate in your home. We have discreet urns such as our Onyx Urns or Photo Frame Urns if you prefer your urn to be understated. Our photo frame urns are available in a choice of frame styles to discreetly suit the decor of your home. You will know your loved one’s ashes are there, but no-one else need know, unless you choose to tell them.

Sharing ashes with family

Sometimes it can be hard for all family members to agree on the right urn for a loved one. One way to solve this is to share the ashes, allowing family members to each choose an urn or keepsake that is right for them. We have urns in smaller sizes as well as keepsakes that are suitable for this. If you want to share ashes but have not yet decided on the urns you would like, why not ask your funeral director to return the ashes in small Scatter Tubes? Available from your funeral director in many designs and sizes, they make ideal temporary ashes urns while you can each take time to consider the perfect permanent urn.

Traditional Ashes Urns

Many people wish to honour tradition and choose a classic wooden ashes urn. We have a range of wooden urns available through your funeral director with a choice of sizes that are suitable for your loved one’s complete ashes, or for shared ashes or keepsakes. We offer an in-house engraving service for personalised wooden ashes urns, which can be engraved with personal messages and motifs as well as names and dates.

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