Celebrate your loved one’s life with a Memorial Service

celebrate the life of your loved ones with a personal memorial service


In recent times, when it has not been possible for families to come together to give their loved ones the funerals they would wish, many people’s thoughts are naturally turning to memorial services.

As restrictions lift and families can gather once again for life’s celebrations and commemorations, they wish to give thoughtful, personal send-offs to loved ones who passed away during lockdown.

You may wish to hold a memorial service in the formal or religious setting of a church or chapel. Alternatively, you might opt for a personal space, such as the deceased’s home or a place that was special to them during their life. Outside spaces may still be more appropriate and allow more people to gather for a celebration of their loved one’s life than an indoor venue may permit.

You will doubtless want the memorial service to reflect the life and personality of your loved one. The funeral has already taken place and there is no coffin, but the deceased can still be beautifully and tastefully represented, and be a focus for friends and family, at this celebration of their life.

Some families like to display a photo at a memorial service and some even choose to carry their loved one’s ashes down the church aisle, just as they would have carried their coffin. Photo urns are perfect for this. The ashes can be discreetly contained within the urn and display a lovely photo so that they can be with you and your family while you say your last goodbyes. This can help families feel that they have at last been able to mark the departure of their dear one in a respectful and traditional way.

Family and friends might like to write messages or memories of the deceased in a book of remembrance. Some of these messages could be handwritten, or engraved, onto Heart Tags that can be hung on a tree or kept by the family as mementos to treasure.

Our Donation Boxes are available from your Funeral DirectorOur Sympathy Cards are available from your Funeral Director

You may wish to organise a charity collection in memory of your loved one. Many collections are now made online, but some people prefer to give in person and these, along with condolence cards and personal messages, can be collected at the memorial service in a pretty collection box that can be used to store these lovely mementos for the family to treasure.

If you are scattering ashes, you might like to investigate whether including wildflower seeds with the ashes may be permitted, or planting a tree to mark the spot. Many families choose to keep back a small quantity of ashes to put into keepsakes and there are many lovely keepsake choices which can be personalised.

Our Scatter Tubes are available from your Funeral Director

You may wish to create an online memorial to your loved one that you can share with friends and family. Many funeral directors offer this service but you are also welcome to create a memorial free of charge on our own Memorial Wall. You can upload a photo, write your thoughts and messages and you can light “virtual candles” when you return to leave messages in the future – on birthdays, anniversaries or other significant dates.

Whether your memorial service is a representation of a traditional funeral, or is a joyous party we, at Tributes, hope we can help you to celebrate your loved one’s life and all that they meant to you. You can download our leaflet of lovely ideas to help you plan your memorial service or ask your funeral director for a printed copy. If you have questions or we can help in any way, please call our sympathetic and friendly team.

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