Can I buy a coffin made in the UK?

woven willow coffin

You can buy coffins that have been hand-made in the UK. We have a range of natural woven willow coffins that are hand-made in England, and the willow is also grown in the UK.

Hand-made coffins from the UK

English grown willow weaving is a traditional skill that has been practised in many parts of the UK for centuries.

There is a long-standing tradition of willow growing and weaving in Somerset, where our English Willow Coffins are made. These beautiful hand-crafted coffins are made by weavers using skills that have been handed down from generation to generation. Our coffins are made by highly skilled craftspeople who are proud to create a very special coffin for your loved one.

Where can I buy an English Willow Coffin?

You can buy Tributes English Willow Coffins from your funeral director. Our delivery service is fast and reliable and we can supply English Willow Coffins to any funeral director in the UK.

Coffin manufacturing in the UK

Coffin manufacturing in the UK has a very long and proud tradition. In years gone by, coffins were often made by carpenters or builders firms, who had the expertise in wood-working to create lovely wooden coffins. Some of those companies eventually became undertakers or funeral directors and there are even some that still provide both services today!

Alternative coffin manufacture

As tastes change, as in all areas of life, alternative methods and materials for coffin manufacture have developed. Woven wicker willow or bamboo and other natural materials have become well-known alternatives to traditional wooden coffins. Weaving is a traditional craft and requires years of training to achieve the level of skill to create truly beautiful hand-woven coffins to a high standard and quality.

Why buy a Tributes English Willow Coffin?

We are an established funeral supplier with a reputation for quality and service. We are a trusted name for woven coffins in the UK, and have excellent relationships with funeral directors across the UK, both independent family firms and large groups. Our delivery service is fast and reliable and we take pride in every coffin that leaves us, so that families will be delighted.

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