Are willow coffins suitable for cremation?

Can willow coffins be cremated?

When choosing a woven coffin for their loved one, a question many families ask “is a willow coffin suitable for cremation?” Funeral directors also need to have complete confidence when recommending willow or other woven coffins to families.

All Tributes woven coffins are suitable for cremation, – whether made from wicker willow, bulrush or bamboo. Our coffins have passed extensive and rigorous testing and are certified to have the correct specification for use in crematoria.

The combustion properties of woven coffins are different from those of coffins made from wood or composite materials, so it is important to choose a woven coffin that has been certified as suitable for cremation by a reputable organisation. Our willow coffins are certified by the F.F.M.A. as are all our coffins.

The Funeral Furnishers’ Manufacturing Association represents manufacturers who supply the funeral sector. Established in 1939, its aims are to safeguard the high standards of products and services provided to funeral directors. The F.F.M.A. provides certification for all types of coffins and their testing protocol includes a range of tests relating to cremation. You can find out more about the tests undergone by our willow coffins here.

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