5 Reasons to Use Tributes for Coffins and Funeral Products

Willow Coffin in Countryside

Working with Tributes: 5 reasons to become a customer today 

Tributes is a family business with 30 years of experience providing exceptional woven coffins and funeral products to funeral directors and crematoria across the world. You might have heard of us, but if you’re not currently working with us, we’d like to share a few ways in which we can help you support grieving families. 


Reason 1: We Sell Outstanding Woven Coffins 

30 years ago, our founder Richard Bush noticed that centuries worth of tradition in the funeral sector had led to a market where functionality was often favoured over beauty and personality, with coffins, urns and caskets often being plain, unmemorable and, at times, even unattractive. 

His vision changed things, and we’ve been busy turning tradition on its head by supplying coffins designed with beauty, quality and the environment in mind. Our stunning range of woven coffins use four different types of eco-friendly, sustainable and aesthetically appealing materials including bamboo, willow, rattan and bulrush. All of our woven coffins are FFMA approved and, because we don’t use plastic or metal in our coffins, they’re all suitable for natural burials.  


Reason 2: Our Coffins Don’t Cost the Earth    

Given today’s climate, we believe coffins shouldn’t cost the Earth and, yes, we mean that in both senses of the phrase.   

We’ve worked hard to ensure that our customers receive competitively priced woven coffins whilst never compromising on quality. But it’s not just the economic climate we’re concerned about, it’s our environment too.   

Compared to traditional hardwood coffins, woven coffins are naturally more environmentally friendly, as the materials used to build them are quick-growing and sustainably sourced. Our in-house Environmental Task Force have been working hard at improving the eco-credentials of our company, and we are proud to have achieved ISO 14001 accreditation and the Gold Award from the Greener Globes Funeral Standards as part of our journey towards becoming a B Corp.   


Reason 3: We Help You Support Your Customers    

We understand the challenges a bereaved family will face while having to make funeral arrangements and decisions in grief. When you’re working with your customers, we want to make sure that, as well as the best products, you have the best tools and literature at your disposal to ensure they get the support they deserve.   

Our marketing team have developed a range of clear and accessible brochures, all of which are available as white label literature to which we can add your own branding and credentials, designed, printed and delivered at no cost to you.  

If you would like to find out more about our white label literature service, speak with a member of our dedicated Sales Team on 0345 388 8742 or sales@tributes.ltd.uk.  


Reason 4: We Do Our Homework   

We’ve been in the funeral sector for 30 years and have picked up a thing or two along the way. The reason that our products are in demand across the world today is because we’ve kept our finger on the pulse and done our research.   

We pride ourselves on always staying on top of the latest innovations, consumer preferences and trends within the funeral industry, using this knowledge at every stage in our product development process. If you’re looking to work with a company who is always going to be up-to-speed with what families want, you’re in the right place.   


Reason 5: We Go the Extra Mile  

The funeral industry is built upon trust, and we always want to make sure our customers can rely on us to come through for them, rain or shine.   

When an issue with a courier led to a coffin going missing just days before a funeral, our Warehouse Manager Ricky took it upon himself to drive a replacement coffin from our HQ in Sussex all the way to Scotland – a whopping 1000-mile round trip just to make sure we delivered on our promise.   

But don’t just take our word for it, we’ve got several continents’ worth of happy customers who will vouch for us!   

““We enjoy working with the whole team who are generous and charitable with their time, and will bend over backwards to ensure that we create a memorable and fitting mark of respect for the families in our care.”  – Ian Hart”  

“We knew Tributes had a strong reputation in the sector, and our team has been able to experience this first hand over the time we’ve been working with them. We value their products and service, which in turn helps us look after the needs of the families we work with.” – David Moon, Full Circle Funerals 


Join Us Today 

We’ve built a reputation as one of the most trustworthy suppliers of funeral products in the UK and we are always looking to work with new (and old) funeral directors and crematoria to ensure that our quality products can support families experiencing loss.  

To find out more about becoming a trade customer with us, head over to our website today or give our Sales Team a call on 0345 388 8742 or email them at sales@tributes.ltd.uk 


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