What coffin was used for Heath Hope’s funeral in Emmerdale?

three images from Heath Hope's funeral in Emmerdale. In the centre the corner of a woven coffin can be viewed through the window of a hearse, there is a floral name display for Heath. the right image shows the coffin being lifted by pallbearers in black into a church. The left image shows a young woman holding a white mourning the loss.

If you are an Emmerdale fan, we are certain, you will have been shocked at the storyline which aired on New Year’s Day featuring the death of 16-year-old, Heath Hope. On Thursday, January 18 we witnessed the villagers gather for his funeral. Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed that Heath had a woven coffin for his funeral, which was proudly supplied by the team at Tributes.

Organised in late November, our team have been sworn to secrecy ever since! The order was placed through a Dignity branch who were approached by the Emmerdale production team. For Heath, the team wanted a traditionally shaped willow coffin and personalised plaque. Due to the sensitivity of the plaque, our customer care team were asked to seal the plaque, once it had been through our quality control process, in an opaque bag to prevent any spoilers from being leaked.

To lose a child is extremely tragic, both in real life and as portrayed in soap operas. Woven coffins are often reminiscent of a Moses basket, making them a popular choice for grieving parents. The delicate and beautiful weave can often feel gentler and more appropriate for a child. This could be the reason Emmerdale’s production company opted for a woven design rather than a coffin made from solid wood.

Woven coffins are made from fast-growing and regenerative materials, such as willow, rattan or bamboo; materials which also biodegrade quickly. Woven coffins also offer families the opportunity to decorate their family member’s coffin; a flower garland, floral spray, or messages of love can be attached to the weave, providing a deeply sentimental point of focus when celebrating the life of a loved one. For Heath’s funeral, the Hope family elected to lay a large floral bouquet atop his coffin along with a floral display of his name.

Flowers are a beautiful way to personalise a service for a loved one. Another way to personalise a woven coffin is using paint to colour the coffin. Or, for a unique look, strands of willow can be dyed a distinct colour to create a multi-coloured effect. However, the simplest way to add a distinctive touch to a coffin is the addition of a personalised plaque. This can be engraved with the details of the family member and then accentuated with images or scripture. For example, a picture depicting their favourite holiday, their hobby, or their favourite poem can be engraved onto the plaque. Our customer care team and dedicated engraving team are here to help and can collaborate with families to help bring their ideas to life.

Our team are happy to help with any requests from our customers. Whether they would like a coffin for an upcoming soap opera funeral or want to transform a coffin into a soapbox car for a charity race. Just get in contact with our team!

Pictures: Digitalspy.com

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