Tributes Attends the 2024 SAIF Banquet Weekend AGM

Adam Masters delivering a speech at SAIF’s AGM

Compassion and Comradery at SAIF’s 2024 Banquet Weekend AGM 

In an industry built on the pillars of compassion, professionalism and unwavering support, the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF) stands as a guiding light for those navigating the complexities of bereavement.  

As the UK’s venerable congregation of independent funeral directors convened in the historic city of York for their 2024 AGM Banquet Weekend, the event not only underscored the organisation’s pivotal role but also highlighted the heartfelt contributions of its members and associates. 


What is SAIF? 

Founded in 1989 amidst the rising tide of corporate conglomerates, SAIF emerged as a supporter of independent, often family-owned, funeral directors. Today, with approximately 1,000 members across 1,865 sites, SAIF’s influence stretches far and wide.  

At its core, SAIF champions the ethos of best practice, ensuring its members serve their local communities with the highest standards of dignity and care. Through rigorous training, education programmes and a steadfast code of practice, SAIF not only represents the interests of its members on both a national and local scale, but also ensures bereaved families receive unparalleled support during their most challenging moments. 


Tributes Work with SAIF 

In 2014, our Managing Director Adam Masters joined a committee tasked with developing a coffin testing certification scheme, following a cry for help from various cremation societies who were reporting incidents stemming from inconsistency in the manufacturing of woven coffins. During this two-year process of developing the certification scheme, Adam worked closely with several funeral director associations, including SAIF.  

Following on from these meetings, Tributes joined SAIF as associate members in 2016, creating a supportive partnership which still stands strong today. Having attended all but one of SAIF’s AGMs since then, the relationship between Tributes and SAIF continues to grow from strength to strength, with many business connections made along the way.  


SAIF’s 2024 AGM Banquet Weekend  

The AGM Banquet Weekend was more than a conference; it was a heartfelt gathering of professionals dedicated to supporting families in grief. Amidst the discussions on industry standards and the sharing of best practices, one moment stood out – a deeply moving speech by Adam Masters, Managing Director of Tributes. 

In his address, Adam shared the poignant story of the loss of his baby son, Benjamin, a personal tragedy that brought into focus the invaluable work undertaken by funeral directors. His words resonated deeply with everyone present, reminding them of the profound impact of their work on families in grief. His speech was not just a thank you; it was a powerful tribute to, in Adam’s words, the “guidance, reassurance, comfort and, ultimately, closure” that defines the funeral profession. 

The 2024 AGM Banquet Weekend in York will be remembered not just for its discussions and resolutions but for the shared human experiences at its heart. It reaffirmed SAIF’s commitment to supporting its members, promoting excellence in the funeral profession, and, most importantly, serving bereaved families with compassion and dignity. 

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