Regular health screening saves lives!

Bushys Bike - a 3000 mile journey through Europe to raise awareness and funds for early cancer and health screening and diagnosis

Today, Tributes’ founder and Chairman, Richard Bush, was due to set off from Bilbao, Spain on an epic 3000 mile (5000 km) cycle tour to raise awareness of the importance of regular health screening and funds for the Mary How Trust for early diagnosis of cancers in men and women.

The impetus for this came from two important sources.

The importance of health checks

Firstly, two years ago, a health checkup revealed that Richard (aka “Bushy”) had prostate cancer. This early diagnosis meant that it could be, and was, treated successfully. Howver, up to that point he had not been having regular health checks and it was just good timing that the cancer was discovered before it could spread.

This is something that Bushy is now extremely keen to promote – GET A CHECKUP! – “If just one life is saved by an early diagnosis, all of this peddling will be worthwhile!” he says.

Bushy’s top-to-toe health check was performed by the Mary How Trust which carries out health checks free to those who cannot afford one and at a reasonable fee for those who can. They help men & women (over the age of 18) by screening for the early signs of serious illness such as bowel cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, diabetes and abdominal aortic aneurysm. Right now, as with many things, their health screening is on hold but it’s worthwhile putting your name on their waiting list.

Round the World cycling inspiration

The other inspiration for the cycle ride is that in September 2017 Bushy’s eldenst daughter, Tori (who now works in Tributes’ sales and customer care team) came back home having cycled 25,000 miles, through 33 countries, around the World by herself! This amazing achievement inspired Bushy to take to his pedals to raise money for, and awareness of, early health screening and disease prevention. Tori’s adventures can be found on her travel blog Little Blue Bike.

Lockdown postponement

So, while we are currently in lockdown, Bushy is disappointed not to be setting off but he is still in training and keen to take to the wheels again when this is over. In the meantime, the message Bushy wants to send to all of you is – as soon as you can – GO HAVE A CHECK UP!!!

Bushy’s Bike

You can read more about Bushy’s Bike trip at his website – Bushy’s Bike – and, if you follow his instagram account @bushysbike you will be able to follow his adventure as it eventually unfolds.

The Mary How Trust

The Mary How Trust can be reached via their website – – as well as their social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook, and on their YouTube channel.

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