Rattan Coffin: A beautiful neutrally toned coffin

Beige toned woven coffin in a walled garden with a colourful floral display.

Introducing a beautiful new coffin into our range of woven designs; the Rattan Coffin.

Naturally a lighter colour than willow, our Rattan Coffin offers families a neutrally toned coffin for their loved ones. For families seeking a lighter shade of coffin, the rattan is a great alternative to a white-coloured or a white willow coffin. The Rattan Coffin has an all-natural and beautiful finish which compliments floral decorations and personal touches.

Rattan is a sustainable material to weave with as it is a fast-growing crop. Like willow, both crops are regenerative, meaning the same plant can be harvested for multiple years. However, the process of weaving rattan is more labour-intensive than willow. In preparation for weaving, it needs to be steamed to make sure it is flexible enough. Whereas willow, which is naturally more pliable, is simply soaked in boiling water.

All Tributes’ coffins are handmade with traditional methods, and the Rattan Coffin is no exception. For extra stability and strength, we have added an internal cane frame to the design. This does not compromise the sustainability of the coffin as it is woven together, thus ensuring no metal or plastic fittings are required and maintaining its biodegradability. Each of our coffins is hand-finished by our West Sussex team with a cardboard lining and unbleached calico liner.

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To complement our Rattan Coffin, we have created the Rattan Casket for families wishing to cherish their loved one’s ashes in their home. The circular, traditional design of this casket offers families an alternative to square woven caskets.  It can also be personalised with a Heart Message Tag, or our engraving team can create a personalised tag shape.

To find out more about our Rattan products, please contact us.

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