On the road again

For the last couple of years, Covid-19 has fundamentally changed the way we work. Forced into a virtual world, our routines adjusted and our working practices altered – and it all happened overnight! The result was that our dedicated Sales team, who spent most of the time before 2020 out meeting you, our valued customers, had to adapt to office life and embrace digital communications and processes. Like everyone else we made it work, but the truth is we missed you! While Zoom meetings and email chains have their place – and will of course now continue to be part of our working life going forward – they didn’t quite cut the mustard when compared to meeting in person, and spending time with you to hear about your business, and the needs of your customers.

So now, as regular testing and widespread vaccinations present us with a path back to the “new normal”, we’re really excited to be getting out on the road once again. We want to talk to you, to find out how you have been doing and how we can continue to best support you. We want to hear what you find easy and what you find difficult, and check in with you about what things we’re doing right and what we do that could be improved. A lot has happened over the past few years, and we are looking forward to seeing you once again!

From our side of things there are, of course, new products to discuss, and shipping updates to bring you. We’ve also been working hard to bring you some digital options to explore, along with some useful tools to help provide a bit more details on some of our products ranges, including our new how-to videos.

We can’t wait to see you again in ‘real-life’! If you’d like to get cracking with a face-to-face meet and would like to book an appointment with Tori or Christian please click here.

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