Knock-out fundraiser is a huge success

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Tributes’ Products Director Gavin Wood took part in a white-collar boxing event in Chichester in September to raise money for Cancer Research. Gavin has quite a history of taking part in quirky fund-raising events, having previously competed in the River Rother Raft Race in fancy dress and the Littlehampton Dragon-boat Race.

Gavin trained for the event for several weeks and a temporary gym was set up in one of the company’s warehouse units to help him fit in extra training. This gym is still available to staff wanting to blow off steam or fit in a workout during a break in their working day. Colleagues had an opportunity to vote for Gavin’s “walk-out anthem” and his fight name – Gav “Definitely” Wood! If you’d like to hear the Spotify playlist created from our walk-out anthem suggestions, please click here.

Gavin was supported by Tributes colleagues who cheered him on to victory. This was a rare chance for the Tributes team to gather for a social event this year, and a fabulous opportunity to dress up. The event had a great turnout for a very good cause. Participants were sponsored individually and Gavin raised £600 via his JustGiving page which contributed to the event total, which was an impressive £13,217.

Gavin had a nerve-wracking wait for his bout, which took place last on the event schedule. Quite by coincidence, Gavin had been at school with his opponent, so it was with somewhat mixed feelings that Gavin punched his way to victory with a technical knock-out in the 2nd round.

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