Going Green

Our Environmental Task Force was formed earlier this year with the aim of introducing more sustainable products and practices across the business.

 Ultimately our goal is to make our company more environmentally friendly in order to ensure that we are playing our part in the global climate crisis.  As well as being the right thing to do, we also understand that taking this approach will help support you in your dealings with families and the perception of our product ranges.

Some of the key projects which we expect will form the cornerstone of our work are:

Head Office Building

We have a wonderful opportunity to bring sustainability into every element of the way that we work given our long-term project to build a brand new office and warehouse. The plans for our new building include a number of environmental features such as a private bore hole water supply (already in place) and solar panels to help provide power.

Products and Processes

There are several factors we need to review against our current line of products and processes together with any new products in development. These include making sustainable choices for the materials we use, such as FSC accredited wood where we can, reducing product packaging and ensuring its environmental credentials and reviewing the providence and carbon footprint of all products sourced. We will of course marry this with a sensible approach to maintaining our price points, or offering a sustainable and a traditional alternative as required by customers.

Where do we start?

Some of the ways in which we’ll be introducing this focus will be on a review of our company policies, prioritising aspects of environmental concern, introducing environmental fact sheets for products, reviewing possible alternative materials and re-emphasising some of our product ranges which already have strong environmental credentials.

This is an exciting opportunity, and we look forward to bringing you more news as our plans develop.

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