Earth Day 2024: 7 Eco Choices Tributes Made This Year

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Earth Day 2024: Celebrating 7 Green Achievements on Our Journey to Becoming a B Corp  


As the world unites to mark Earth Day 2024 this 22nd April, it becomes a moment of profound reflection for us at Tributes on the impact our choices have on the planet.  

Earth Day reminds us of our collective duty towards nurturing a sustainable future, a responsibility we take seriously at Tributes, and we are constantly seeking innovative ways to integrate eco-friendly practices into our operations. This article showcases our journey towards sustainability, emphasising our firm commitment to the environment through the eco-conscious choices we’ve made as a business. 


What is Earth Day? 

Launched in 1970, Earth Day is celebrated globally on 22nd April and champions environmental protection efforts. It’s a day of action aimed at altering human behaviour and instigating policy changes, bringing together people from more than 193 countries.  

The initiative seeks to educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide, tackling critical issues like pollution, deforestation and climate change. Earth Day serves as a collective pledge for more environmentally responsible choices and actions. 


Our Commitment to the Environment  

At Tributes, our dedication to the environment forms a core part of our mission. Our dedication to the environment transcends mere policy; it’s a deeply ingrained ethos that guides every action we take as a company. 

Central to our environmental strategy is the Tributes Green Team, a dedicated group tasked with assessing and directing the environmental impact of our operations, both strategically and operationally. To show transparency in our journey to achieving B Corp certification, here are 7 ways we’re acting on our environmental commitment: 


1. ISO 14001 Certification 

We’re thrilled to announce that we have achieved ISO 14001 accreditation, representing a pivotal moment in Tribute’s sustainability journey. Our compliance with ISO 14001 standards is a testament to our commitment to environmental management, underscoring our dedication to becoming a B Corp certified business. 

ISO 14001 is the internationally recognised standard for environmental management systems, providing a framework for organisations to improve their environmental performance and minimise their carbon footprint by focusing on key areas such as resource usage, waste management and compliance with relevant legal requirements.   

The certification process was a collaborative effort, and we extend our heartfelt thanks to our entire team for their hard work and dedication. Their collective efforts have been instrumental in ensuring we met the stringent requirements for this certification. 


2. Championing Eco-Friendly Woven Coffins 

Tributes is pioneering a shift in the funeral industry by championing the use of eco-friendly woven coffins. These coffins, meticulously crafted from biodegradable materials like bamboo, willow and rattan, not only serve as a testament to our commitment to sustainability but also offer a greener alternative to standard burial options.  

The choice of materials like willow and bamboo is not only for their aesthetic appeal; these plants are known for their rapid growth and ability to thrive without the need for fertilisers, pesticides or much water. This makes them a renewable resource that significantly reduces the environmental impact compared to traditional coffin materials such as oak or pine. 

The biodegradable nature of woven coffins also makes them a suitable choice for green funerals and natural burial options, a funeral trend which has seen growth in the past few years. To find out more about eco-friendly funeral options, read our full article. 


3. Analysing the Carbon Footprint of all our Products 

As a business, we believe it’s not only important for us but also our customers to understand the overall environmental impact of our products. With this information, we can identify areas where we can reduce or offset our carbon footprint, whilst our customers will be able to make more informed decisions about the products they choose to buy.  

We have set ourselves the ambitious target of analysing and assessing the ‘cradle to gate’ carbon footprint of all our products by the end of 2025. Accomplishing this feat will be an important milestone to hit on our journey to achieving B Corp certification. To read more about our product carbon footprint analysis, read our full article.  


4. Littlehampton Beach Clean 

As part of our ongoing environmental efforts, we hosted a beach cleaning event to safeguard our coastline and marine habitats. On 12th November 2023, Tributes organised a team of staff members, family and friends to carry out a thorough litter-picking and cleanup of the beach at Littlehampton, collecting over 10 bin bags full of waste and getting fairly soaked along the way.  

The event was a huge success and served as a great opportunity to raise awareness of the impact of ocean pollution on both wildlife and our own beaches. We plan to host more of these events in the coming years.  


5. Greener Globe Funeral Awards 

The Greener Globe Funeral Awards (GGFA) was established to support businesses within the funeral industry to review and improve their environmental impact. As of April 2024, Tributes are proud to have achieved the Gold Standard Award, a huge leap up from the Bronze award we had been credited with from our previous audit.  

The audit encourages businesses to look at various factors such as energy supply, waste management, supply chains and organisational culture which can determine the environmental credentials of a company. We were thrilled to find that, on the areas currently under our control, we are performing above standard. The audit also offer’s guidance on how to improve our rating and this feedback is now being reviewed by Tributes’ Environmental Task Force so that we can successfully implement better ways of working into our operations.  


6. Our Customer Care Team Have Gone Paperless 

Tributes is steadfast in its mission to reduce paper consumption across the entire company, a crucial step towards our goal of achieving B Corp certification. A shining example of this commitment is our Customer Care Team’s successful transition to a completely paperless system.  

This initiative is more than a simple change; it represents a significant leap forward in reducing our ecological footprint and reinforces our dedication to maintaining sustainable business practices. As we continue to explore and implement further ways to reduce paper usage across all departments, we move closer to our aspiration of becoming a B Corp, highlighting our commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable operations. 


7. Electric Car Charging Points 

We’ve built a team who are passionate about making positive environmental choices, and we as a business want to support those choices however we can. We’re proud to announce that, as of 2023, we now offer free electric car charging points for all staff members at Tributes. This move not only supports staff in making the move towards more eco-friendly modes of transport, but also supports them against rising fuel prices.  


Final Thoughts 

As the world continues to become increasingly aware of the environmental issues we face, we at Tributes recognise our social responsibility to make eco-friendly choices as a business and remain transparent along the way.  

We’ve still got a long journey ahead of us towards achieving our goal of achieving B Corp certification but we are extremely proud of the eco-friendly changes we have made in the past year and hope that we can continue to raise the bar and inspire other companies to follow suit.  

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