Creating Coloured Coffins

A teal blue coffin placed in a green grass field with a floral arrangement on the lid.

Personalising the funeral service of a loved one is a wonderful way to celebrate their life and reflect their individual character. Whilst there are many options when it comes to planning a service, one of the most striking ways to capture an individual’s personality is with a coloured coffin.

A coloured coffin is painted a certain shade to transform it into an eye-catching focal point for the service. Woven coffins can also be painted using a spray paint gun.

Coloured coffins are a beautiful way to highlight aspects of a loved one’s personality, whether the coffin is painted to reflect their favourite colour or their football team.

From bright bubble gum pink to classic, subtle white or luminous green to striking black – there is no colour off limits!

At Tributes, we use the Dulux colour range to paint our willow coffins. We can colour match with a reference,  swatch to a colour within the range or opt for a very close match. We have a specialist team of coffin sprayers who have been trained to ensure a high-quality product is produced. For bold and bright colours, the team apply a light base coat to ensure that the coverage is even and t that the chosen colour is not influenced by the natural colour of the willow.

It’s also possible for woven caskets to be painted the same colour as a coffin if requested.

Coloured coffins can only be painted in a single colour. However, for a multi-coloured effect, our Bespoke English Willow Coffin can be customised using dyed strands of willow. Our supplier uses vegetable dye to colour strands of willow into a bold array. The coloured strands are then woven into the coffin. A block of multiple colours can be chosen, or for a more subtle look, a single band of colour can be included. For more information about this option please visit our Bespoke English Willow Coffin page.

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