Christmas support for homeless people

Tributes Ltd supporting Turning Tides Ending Local Homelessness

Last Christmas we swapped our traditional office Secret Santa for donations to our local homelessness charity Turning Tides. This year, with the increased difficulties facing homeless people, and the charities who support them, we are continuing to support this fantastic, and very much needed, charity.

Last year’s appeal was to “Pull up a chair” and donations funded a seat for a homeless person at a Christmas dinner, with good food, warmth and company. The challenges of the pandemic, with social distancing measures, mean that this is not possible this year, but Turning Tides are still providing much-needed meals, shelter, help and counselling with their Christmas appeal for 2020.

This year presents an even more urgent crisis than ever, as record numbers of men and women are homeless this winter. Homelessness is escalating at the very same time as the coldest, wettest months of the year, and many now face homelessness due to loss of income and jobs caused by the pandemic. Local councils report a doubling in the numbers of people presenting as homeless for the first time. For people sleeping rough, and particularly for those homeless for the first time, surviving this winter will be unimaginably hard.

Along with the practical challenges of staying warm and dry and finding something to eat, Christmas can painfully highlight what is missing from a person’s life. All the things that most of us take for granted – friends and family, a full stomach, a roof over our heads.

Your help could provide food, shelter, counselling and support and be a first step towards changing someone’s life for the better.

Christmas is not cancelled this year, because caring is never cancelled. And everyone should have a place to call home. 

There are many ways you can support Turning Tides

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support

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