Looking back over a decade

In July 2023, Adam Masters, our Managing Director, celebrates ten years with the business. Here he looks back at his time with the company, how the sector has changed over the past decade, and what’s next for Tributes. Joining Tributes… My career before Tributes was in a totally different sector – I worked as an […]

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Developing Close Supplier Relationships 

As our Purchasing Director, Gavin Wood, embarks on his regular ‘World Tour’ to catch up with our manufacturers, we take a look at the supplier relationships that have helped us build and sustain Tributes over nearly thirty years.   When Richard Bush (Bushy) first established Tributes the product range was extremely limited – we started out […]

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It’s a family thing

For many businesses, the sense of working as a team or extended family is an important core value. For all of us at Tributes, this concept transcends all of our operations, and we’re extremely proud to be able to accurately describe ourselves as a true family business. Here we take a look at what makes […]

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How do I write a eulogy for a loved one’s funeral?

If you’ve lost someone close to you, you may find yourself responsible for writing and sharing a eulogy for their funeral. This can be an emotional and difficult task. To help you through the process we’ve created the following guide.    Planning and Research When writing a eulogy, you may find it useful to prioritise […]

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What did funerals look like in 2022?  

Understanding how people in the UK approach funeral planning is important to us, and  the publication of the Sunlife Cost of Dying report is always met with great interest. Whilst this may sound odd, the insight which the report provides into the wider industry is extremely valuable, not least of all because it looks at […]

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May Opening Times

Please note that our office will be closed on Monday 1st May, for the Early May Bank Holiday. All orders received on Monday 1st May, will be processed on Tuesday 2nd May. Our office will be closed on Monday 8th May, for the Coronation of King Charles III. All orders received on Monday 8th May, […]

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What do I do if a loved one dies at home?

The loss of a loved one at home can be an upsetting experience, even if their death was expected. Below is a guide on what to do next if your loved one dies whilst at home.  An unexpected death  If your loved one has passed away unexpectedly you should call 999 and ask for the […]

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Choosing Tributes for Funeral Supplies

Here at Tributes we’ve been supporting funeral directors, and families, for many years and we are keen to share some of our work at our West Sussex head office and production facility. We want to lift the lid, introduce the people behind the business and showcase the work our team does to help support those […]

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Willow Casket

What size urn do I need for human ashes?

One of the most frequent questions for the Tributes team is “What size urn do I need”. The answer depends on a number of factors including the amount of ashes involved, whether they are being shared among family members and your personal tastes. We are always happy to offer guidance to help you find the […]

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White Willow Coffin

What happens during and after the cremation process?

Cremation is an increasingly popular choice for many individuals and their families. So, what’s involved in the cremation process?  After the service  Once the funeral service has taken place and the mourners have left the chapel, the coffin of the deceased is moved onto a transfer trolley through a concealed door. The coffin is then […]

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Clare Shaw

Clare Shaw

We’re delighted that Clare Shaw has taken the time to provide the following blog post. Clare is an author of children’s books and therapeutic stories for children of all ages. All her titles come from her own experiences and are written and designed to help children through tricky situations, such as bereavement or a parental […]

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FSA - Adam Masters, Managing Director

Championing the funeral sector through the FSA

As a leading supplier in our sector, it’s important to us to act as champions for the funeral industry and the way it’s regulated. Adam Masters, our Managing Director, sits on the Executive Committee of the Funeral Suppliers’ Association, which works to represent all those who manufacture goods and provide services in the sector. Here […]

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How are we embracing sustainability?

As a business with a global reach, we’re very aware of the world around us and are working hard to minimise our impact on the planet. In the past few months, our Environmental Task Force has been established to set clear and achievable commitments towards operating more sustainably. Sustainability feels particularly relevant given how society’s […]

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Coming to terms with grief

Losing someone you love is one of the most difficult life events to come to terms with. All of us grieve differently, and grief affects us all in numerous ways – emotionally and physically. It’s important to remember that all reactions to grief are valid, and there isn’t one approach that is better or worse […]

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How do we produce and quality check our coffins.

How do we produce and quality check our coffins?

As a leading supplier to the funeral sector, we’re very proud that we’re known for our high quality and innovative products, which support families as they plan the funeral of a loved one.   A sense of innovation   We’ve always been keen to explore new ideas and bring something new to the funeral sector: after all, […]

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Full Circle

Customer Stories: Full Circle Funerals

Full Circle Funerals Established: 2016 / Locations: 4 across Yorkshire / Business: Independent Funeral Directors Full Circle Funerals was founded by Sarah Jones in 2016 and has enjoyed rapid growth across Yorkshire as a result of its modern, welcoming and person-centred approach. The core team, who have joined the business from variety of backgrounds, offer […]

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Christmas Deliveries

Christmas Ordering & Delivery Information 2022

The Christmas countdown has officially started!  Here is some useful information about our opening times and our delivery schedules over the festive season 2022-23.  Please remember to place your order by 16th December for standard next-day delivery before Christmas.  Below you will find information on our opening times over Christmas and the collection and delivery […]

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Charcoal Tributes Logo

Charcoal Drawing Competition

To celebrate the launch of our new traditional shaped English willow coffin, we are hosting a little competition. Please use your charcoal kit and tributes sketchbook to create a beautiful design and share your drawings via social media and tag us and using #tributescharcoal. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or email a photo or scan through […]

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Jane Blackman funeral celebrant

Why should I choose a celebrant-led funeral service?

Celebrant-led funerals are on the increase. Whilst church and religious funerals are still right for many, they are no longer the only option. For those who are not religious or for whom a church or religious service wouldn’t feel fitting, there is now more choice when it comes to saying farewell. We spoke to Jane […]

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What is a direct cremation?  

  A direct cremation is a form of funeral that involves no service, no ceremony and typically has no mourners or attendees. It involves the deceased being moved directly from the mortuary, as soon as the death certificate is obtained, to the crematoria. In many cases, it will also mean no farewells or viewing of […]

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New English Willow Traditional Coffins Now Available

We are delighted to offer an extended range of English willow products, including a traditional shape coffin and ashes casket. The new products complement our existing, and very popular, teardrop willow selection. Our traditional English willow coffins are available in three sizes. The range also includes an English willow ashes casket, which can hold full […]

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The wonder of willow – a history of English willow

Some of our newest, and most popular, products are made from English willow. This traditional material is known for being extremely sustainable, which makes it particularly appealing given the growing importance of climate change and other environmental issues. All of our English Willow Coffins are created by Coates English Willow, who are based in Somerset. […]

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What's the difference between a funeral celebrant and funeral director?

What’s the difference between a funeral celebrant and funeral director?

  When planning a funeral you might come across some terms which aren’t that familiar. Here we explain the roles of a funeral director, who makes the funeral arrangements, and a funeral celebrant, who you might choose to conduct the funeral service for you. If you are arranging a funeral, there will be a number […]

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Welcoming Liam Rose our new Financial Controller

  I joined Tributes in 2022 as Financial Controller, responsible for all aspects of our accounts and financial operations. My job has quite a bit of variety to it, from management accounts to VAT returns so no two days tend to be the same. With a new back office system to learn I’m looking forward […]

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english eco willow coffin

How can I make my funeral more eco-friendly?

  As a society, we’re becoming more aware of our environmental footprint and impact as we live our day-to-day lives. But is it possible to continue this awareness into your funeral? The good news is that yes, there are steps you can take, and it’s not just your funeral where you can make a difference.  […]

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purple teardrop woven willow coffin

What should I consider when choosing a coffin for a loved one?

  Whilst as a nation we’re getting better at sharing our wishes about funeral arrangements and our personal affairs, few of us will actually leave specific instructions around some of the more detailed aspects of the funeral, such as coffin choices. This means that if you’re the one having to make the arrangements, you may […]

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Mary how logo

Proud to support The Mary How Trust

  Tributes Ltd Chairman, Richard Bush, and his wife Ness, recently attended the official opening of the new premises of The Mary How Trust in Pulborough. The organisation offers a full health screening service, which can detect early signs of cancer – including bowel, prostate and kidney cancer – as well as heart disease, diabetes […]

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Tori and Richard Bush

Tori Bush Appointed to our Board of Directors

  We are delighted to announce the appointment of Tori Bush to our Board of Directors. Tori, who has worked at Tributes as Sales Manager since 2017, has been instrumental in helping us to achieve our sales targets, and developing our long-term strategic plans.   Tori is responsible for all aspects of the sales process at […]

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ashes keepsake candle, engraved with name and dates.

Can I keep my loved one’s ashes at home?

  If you’ve chosen to keep a loved one’s ashes in your home, it can be difficult to find something to place them in that’s just right. You may want an item which is in keeping with your own choice of interior design, or an option which is a little more inconspicuous to anyone but […]

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coffin or casket

Casket or Coffin – what’s the difference?

  There are a few words in our language that some people interchange without necessarily realising that they refer to subtly different things. One particular question we are frequently asked is about the difference between a casket and a coffin. What seems like a straightforward question actually has quite a complex answer, with roots stretching […]

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Do I need a coffin for cremation uk?

Do I need a coffin for a cremation?

  There are a lot of myths around the use of coffins for cremation in the UK, leading some to question the need for a coffin at all, so it’s best to understand the facts before making any decisions.   In the UK, the only legal requirement is that the body must be covered whilst in […]

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memorial bear and flowers

Do I have to have a traditional funeral?

  Traditional funerals have tended to follow a similar pattern – usually a faith-based service followed by a burial or cremation. Today, there are many more options available, and the ability to choose an alternative service or memorial which is very different from days gone by. In fact it’s worth bearing in mind that there […]

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Steve Gurr, bereavement councillor training our team

Bereavement Training Programme Introduced

  We’ve recently introduced a new in-house initiative to ensure our staff team receive bereavement training. To kick off the project 10 members of staff took part in training sessions this spring to better understand how to support those dealing with loss. An in-house refresher session will run each year to ensure that our team […]

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Scatter tube over flowers

Where can I scatter ashes?

  The scattering of ashes in the UK is not governed by as many rules and regulations as a burial. The primary rule when finding the perfect spot to scatter ashes is to make sure that you have the permission of the landowner, whoever that may be. This rule applies to national parks, public spaces, […]

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Ian Hart fleet

Customer Stories: Ian Hart

    Ian Hart Funeral Service At-A-Glance Established: 2004 / Locations: 1, Worthing, West Sussex / Business: Independent Funeral Director Ian Hart’s family have been in the funeral trade in Worthing since 1901. Now run by the third generation, the company is proud of its roots as Worthing’s oldest existing funeral family, with its team […]

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buying my own coffin. White woven coffin self decorated with photos

Can I buy my own coffin?

    With an increasing number of us taking a more active role in planning our own funerals ahead of time, the question of purchasing your own coffin is one regularly posed to us. It may seem like a slightly odd question and probably not something you’d even given a prior thought to or considered […]

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What alternative coffin options are there?

The concept of the traditional coffin is being constantly challenged as families continue to seek out options that better reflect the personality of their loved one. In addition, greater environmental awareness means the number of non-traditional coffins is increasing every year. So, if you’re looking for something different or very personal, what should you consider? […]

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Meet the Team: Christian Derben

Christian Derben is our new Account Manager, who joined the team in January 2022 to work within the Sales team. Here he shares some thoughts on his career to date, and why he’s excited to be joining Tributes. What’s your role? I’m delighted to have joined the Tributes’ Sales Team, working alongside Tori to promote […]

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Can I plan my own funeral?

The simple answer to this question is yes, you absolutely can plan your own funeral. Furthermore, this is not a rare query, with more and more people wanting to have a greater say over when, how and where their funeral takes place. You can even make a plan for what you’d like to happen to […]

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Customer Stories: Jill Glencross

    Jill Glencross Independent Funeral Directors at-a-glance Established: 2018 / Locations: 1, North West England / Business: Independent Funeral Director Following a long career in pathology with the NHS, Jill Glencross established her own independent funeral director business in 2018 with the aim of setting the highest standards for funeral care in the area. […]

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Our Christmas gift to the Children of Chestnut Tree House

  This Christmas, in place of customer gifts, we’re supporting one of our favourite local charities, Chestnut Tree House Instead of our traditional gifts to our customers, this year we decided to donate to one of our favourite local charities, Chestnut Tree House. We know our customers will approve of our decision to donation to […]

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Waterline Art

Introducing our stunning new range of art prints Our lovely range of calming and reflective art prints are skilfully created from close-up photographs of the waterline of small boats and yachts. After a season at sea, the weathering effect of salt water and marine life creates these incredible images of ocean vistas, spectacular sunsets, or […]

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A Christmas Remembrance at Chestnut Tree House

Chestnut Tree House is our local hospice for children with life-limiting conditions and it is very close to our hearts here at Tributes. The hospice is in a beautiful location in the South Downs National Park just across the road from us. Chestnut Tree House cares for 300 children annually and supports over 240 families […]

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Choosing an Urn

Choosing an urn that reflects your loved one’s personality and your relationship can be the key to creating a memorial that is unique and meaningful. Most people will want the urn, in some way, to reflect the personality of their loved one or to symbolise the relationship they had with them, but there are other […]

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Tributes bid farewell to Harvey as he leaves our Sales team.

A year of goodbyes, and hellos

Tributes, as we often say, is a family and, as such, we have an unusually low turnover of staff. This year, for various reasons, there have been more changes than usual to the Tributes Team. In February we said ¡Buen viaje! to Sara Parilla and Aureli Panades as they travelled home to Spain after four […]

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Are willow coffins suitable for cremation?

Can willow coffins be cremated? This is a question many families have when choosing a coffin. Funeral directors also need to have complete confidence when recommending a woven coffin to families. All Tributes woven coffins have passed extensive and rigorous testing by the F.F.M.A. and are certified for cremation. Woven coffins are different from those made with wood or other materials, so it’s important to choose a willow coffin that has a certificate to show its suitability for use in a crematorium.

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Knock-out fundraiser is a huge success

Tributes’ Products Director Gavin Wood took part in a white-collar boxing event in Chichester in September to raise money for Cancer Research. Gavin has quite a history of taking part in quirky fund-raising events, having previously competed in the River Rother Raft Race in fancy dress and the Littlehampton Dragon-boat Race. Gavin trained for the […]

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Andys Angels Grief Play Cafe opened in Worthing in September 2021. Tributes is sponsoring the charity and Marketing Director Susan Macmillan joined the team with Town Crier Bob Smytherman

Supporting our local children’s Grief Café

We are delighted to be supporting our new, local grief play café with the donation of a range of our keepsake items. Andy’s Angels, which opened in Worthing in September, offers a safe space for children and their families who are dealing with grief. The charity was set up by Kayla Shepherd, who lost her […]

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celebrate the life of your loved ones with a personal memorial service

How can we share ashes between family members?

How can family members share ashes? We often receive questions about ways for family members to share ashes or share in the ceremony of scattering ashes. This has been especially true recently when so many people have not been able to attend the funerals or memorial services of their loved ones. What if our family […]

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Can I scatter ashes in a garden? Our article explores the options for scattering or keeping ashes in your garden.

Can I put ashes in my garden?

With an increase in the number of cremations, the question of what to do with a loved one’s ashes is a growing area of debate. If your loved one hasn’t left specific instructions for a resting place and your family can’t agree on a location for a scattering, you may be considering other options, such as sharing the ashes with family or keeping them in the family home. But is it possible to keep ashes in your garden and if so, how do you go about it?

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we're planting trees in Sussex to help our local environment and fight climate change.

We’re planting trees to say thank you!

We’ve had a fantastic response to our recent survey focusing on the challenges our business customers have faced during Covid, and beyond, and asking for their thoughts on our products and how we work together. We have been so pleased and thankful to receive such positive feedback. Here’s how we’re acting on the survey results. […]

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Can I personalise a coffin?

Is it possible to personalise a coffin? Recent times have created a shift in public interest towards personalisation. And with the need to properly celebrate the life of a loved one, more and more families are looking to add a personal touch to funeral and cremation services. Funerals were once a very traditional affair, with […]

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world refill day logo - choose to reuse and cut plastic pollution

World Refill Day – choose to reuse

June 16th is World Refill Day, a global public awareness campaign to prevent plastic pollution and help people live with less waste. By choosing to reuse, we can save millions of pieces of plastic and together we can keep our environment, oceans, cities and communities plastic-free for the future. To celebrate World Refill Day we’ve […]

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celebrate the life of your loved ones with a personal memorial service

Celebrate your loved one’s life with a Memorial Service

  In recent times, when it has not been possible for families to come together to give their loved ones the funerals they would wish, many people’s thoughts are naturally turning to memorial services. As restrictions lift and families can gather once again for life’s celebrations and commemorations, they wish to give thoughtful, personal send-offs […]

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