Colourful Bespoke Weaves for English Willow Coffins 

Handwoven, dyed with vegetable-based materials, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional oak or elm. Please be aware that as both the dye and the willow are natural materials, the exact shade of your chosen colour may vary. 

 An alternative to spray-painted coffins, our bespoke weave provides the opportunity to create a coffin which is truly unique and individual. Each band of willow is carefully hand-dyed before the strands are weaved together. A highly personalised option, with a range of natural colours to choose from, this option allows you to create a beautiful coffin featuring subtle, single-colour bands or a more distinctive multi-coloured effect. 

Our English Willow Bespoke Coffins have our signature shape and are fully lined with natural unbleached cotton calico to complement its rustic, yet stylish look. 

In addition to our stranded sizes listed in our size guide, we’re introducing customised sizes, tailored to individual orders, to meet the specific requirements of your customers. All our coffins are certified by the Funeral Furnishing Manufactures’ Association, the FFMA 

Crafting an English Willow Bespoke Coffin is a day-long endeavour by a seasoned artisan with extensive craftsmanship expertise. The journey from cultivating willow to delivering the final coffin to funeral homes spans about a year (yearly cycle). Upon receiving the willow, the dyeing team initiates their process. Dyeing two to three bundles of willow takes roughly an hour each, followed by a day of natural sun drying. Subsequently, the dyed willows are re-soaked before being handed over to the weaving team. A seven-foot willow requires 7 days of soaking, but a heat bath expedites the process. 

Why should you consider this new addition to our Coffin range?

We offer our own exclusive coffin shape – The Teardrop – crafted specifically for us by PH Coates. 

Each product is meticulously woven to order, so please allow 7 days for order fulfilment. 

Beyond the standard sizes listed in our size guide, we’re introducing customised sizes, tailored to individual orders, to meet the specific requirements of your customers. 

All our coffins are FFMA-certified.

Are English Willow Bespoke Coffin biodegradable?

Our coffins are completely biodegradable, having no metal or plastic parts. They are made from entirely natural and biodegradable materials, so they are suitable for natural burial (known as woodland burial) and also for cremation. 

More information about our English Willow Bespoke Coffin 

With our English Willow Bespoke Coffin, you have the choice to dye the entire coffin in a single colour or multiple colours. Additionally, you can opt to dye specific parts of the coffin, either using a uniform colour for all parts or using multiple colours. The diagram below illustrates the parts that can be coloured. Essentially, there are three components of the coffin that you can customise: the plait, middle wale, or bottom wale, along with the option for a fully coloured coffin. As shown in the diagram, the plait is the sideband of the coffin lid, meticulously crafted using dyed or natural-coloured willow. Similar to the plait, the middle wale and the bottom wale feature distinct weaving styles compared to the rest of the coffin. These parts can also be dyed in various colours or left in the natural willow colour for a more organic appearance. 




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