How are we embracing sustainability?

As a business with a global reach, we’re very aware of the world around us and are working hard to minimise our impact on the planet. In the past few months, our Environmental Task Force has been established to set clear and achievable commitments towards operating more sustainably. Sustainability feels particularly relevant given how society’s […]

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Coming to terms with grief

Losing someone you love is one of the most difficult life events to come to terms with. All of us grieve differently, and grief affects us all in numerous ways – emotionally and physically. It’s important to remember that all reactions to grief are valid, and there isn’t one approach that is better or worse […]

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How do we produce and quality check our coffins.

How do we produce and quality check our coffins?

As a leading supplier to the funeral sector, we’re very proud that we’re known for our high quality and innovative products, which support families as they plan the funeral of a loved one.   A sense of innovation   We’ve always been keen to explore new ideas and bring something new to the funeral sector: after all, […]

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Jane Blackman funeral celebrant

Why should I choose a celebrant-led funeral service?

Celebrant-led funerals are on the increase. Whilst church and religious funerals are still right for many, they are no longer the only option. For those who are not religious or for whom a church or religious service wouldn’t feel fitting, there is now more choice when it comes to saying farewell. We spoke to Jane […]

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What is a direct cremation?  

  A direct cremation is a form of funeral that involves no service, no ceremony and typically has no mourners or attendees. It involves the deceased being moved directly from the mortuary, as soon as the death certificate is obtained, to the crematoria. In many cases, it will also mean no farewells or viewing of […]

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The wonder of willow – a history of English willow

Some of our newest, and most popular, products are made from English willow. This traditional material is known for being extremely sustainable, which makes it particularly appealing given the growing importance of climate change and other environmental issues. All of our English Willow Coffins are created by Coates English Willow, who are based in Somerset. […]

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What's the difference between a funeral celebrant and funeral director?

What’s the difference between a funeral celebrant and funeral director?

  When planning a funeral you might come across some terms which aren’t that familiar. Here we explain the roles of a funeral director, who makes the funeral arrangements, and a funeral celebrant, who you might choose to conduct the funeral service for you. If you are arranging a funeral, there will be a number […]

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english eco willow coffin

How can I make my funeral more eco-friendly?

  As a society, we’re becoming more aware of our environmental footprint and impact as we live our day-to-day lives. But is it possible to continue this awareness into your funeral? The good news is that yes, there are steps you can take, and it’s not just your funeral where you can make a difference.  […]

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purple teardrop woven willow coffin

What should I consider when choosing a coffin for a loved one?

  Whilst as a nation we’re getting better at sharing our wishes about funeral arrangements and our personal affairs, few of us will actually leave specific instructions around some of the more detailed aspects of the funeral, such as coffin choices. This means that if you’re the one having to make the arrangements, you may […]

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ashes keepsake candle, engraved with name and dates.

Can I keep my loved one’s ashes at home?

  If you’ve chosen to keep a loved one’s ashes in your home, it can be difficult to find something to place them in that’s just right. You may want an item which is in keeping with your own choice of interior design, or an option which is a little more inconspicuous to anyone but […]

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coffin or casket

Casket or Coffin – what’s the difference?

  There are a few words in our language that some people interchange without necessarily realising that they refer to subtly different things. One particular question we are frequently asked is about the difference between a casket and a coffin. What seems like a straightforward question actually has quite a complex answer, with roots stretching […]

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Do I need a coffin for cremation uk?

Do I need a coffin for a cremation?

  There are a lot of myths around the use of coffins for cremation in the UK, leading some to question the need for a coffin at all, so it’s best to understand the facts before making any decisions.   In the UK, the only legal requirement is that the body must be covered whilst in […]

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memorial bear and flowers

Do I have to have a traditional funeral?

  Traditional funerals have tended to follow a similar pattern – usually a faith-based service followed by a burial or cremation. Today, there are many more options available, and the ability to choose an alternative service or memorial which is very different from days gone by. In fact it’s worth bearing in mind that there […]

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Steve Gurr, bereavement councillor training our team

Bereavement Training Programme Introduced

  We’ve recently introduced a new in-house initiative to ensure our staff team receive bereavement training. To kick off the project 10 members of staff took part in training sessions this spring to better understand how to support those dealing with loss. An in-house refresher session will run each year to ensure that our team […]

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