Tribute Heart Ashes Keepsake

Celebrating Our Most Sentimental Ashes Keepsake

Product Spotlight: Tribute Heart Keepsake  When Tributes founder Richard Bush first started researching the ashes urns available following the loss of his sister, he noticed that most urns and caskets available on the market were plain, unmemorable and, at times, even unattractive. 30 years later, Richard has grown an international business designing and supplying beautiful, […]

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Person holding a plant in their hand

Earth Day 2024: 7 Eco Choices Tributes Made This Year

Earth Day 2024: Celebrating 7 Green Achievements on Our Journey to Becoming a B Corp     As the world unites to mark Earth Day 2024 this 22nd April, it becomes a moment of profound reflection for us at Tributes on the impact our choices have on the planet.   Earth Day reminds us of our collective […]

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Product Designer Steven Smith

Striving for Outstanding Product Design in the Funeral Industry

Introducing Steven Smith: Our Innovative Product Designer  It may seem a little strange introducing a man who, in some way, shape or form, has been with us for almost 30 years. However, after a varied career at the cutting edge of product design in various industries, we are hugely excited to finally welcome Steven Smith […]

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A woven coffin in a bluebell forest 

Our Guide to the Top 8 Rising Funeral Trends for 2024

The Top 8 Funeral Trends for 2024  The funeral industry is a constantly evolving sector, with new technologies and practices being developed, and environmental and financial factors impacting consumer preferences. Here at Tributes, we’ve researched and analysed the market and have put together our predictions for the top 8 funeral trends we expect to see […]

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Adam Masters delivering a speech at SAIF’s AGM

Tributes Attends the 2024 SAIF Banquet Weekend AGM

Compassion and Comradery at SAIF’s 2024 Banquet Weekend AGM  In an industry built on the pillars of compassion, professionalism and unwavering support, the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF) stands as a guiding light for those navigating the complexities of bereavement.   As the UK’s venerable congregation of independent funeral directors convened […]

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The role of horticulture in coffin production

As the popularity of naturally woven coffins has increased, the market has responded. This has prompted closer relationships between funeral suppliers and the horticultural industry to ensure there is sufficient supply to meet demand, both now and into the future.   Of course, there’s always been close working relationships between the funeral industry and ‘growers’, particularly […]

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rainbow coloured coffin in a garden with a floral arrangement on the lid

Our English Willow Bespoke Coffin

Handwoven in the UK, our English Willow coffins can now be completely personalised; woven to any size or colour specification.  Made to order, with a wide range of colours to choose from, each coffin can be created to reflect the life of the person lost. With a wide range of colours to choose from, each […]

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Woman looks sadly out of a window with a Christmas tree in the background

5 Tips for your first Christmas without a loved one 

From the lead-up to Christmas day to the New Year celebrations, feeling festive when you’ve lost a loved one can be difficult. Whether their passing is recent or in the last few years, the loss will be felt by your family year after year. We’ve compiled some tips for making sure you’re looking after yourself […]

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Three images of woven coffins with a large floral arrangement on top of them. On the left, a coffin in the traditional shape where it widesn at the shoulders then tapers towards the feet is on top of a log in a green field. The central image is of a coffin in a tear drop shape that has been pained a teal blue - the handles are made from a brown material - rope. This coffin is placed in a green field with blue sky. The right image is of a tear drop coffin made from willow and bulrush - the bulrush section is darker, with thinner strands woven into the centre of the coffin sides. This coffin is on a sandy beach with the tide out.

Are all coffins the same?

If you ask most people what a coffin looks like, it’s likely they’ll describe a traditional, solid wood coffin. Yet today, there are a variety of styles available – from traditional coffins to eco-friendly coffins made from a range of different materials. Here we explore some of the options available to families. Traditional Coffins Traditional […]

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Three images. On the left, a far east warehouse where a coffin is in the very early stages of being made. The middle image shows a white building on the edge of a river surrounded by a forest of green trees. The right image shows a man making the finishing touches to a woven coffin.

Visiting our Far East suppliers

Gavin Wood, our Purchasing Director, recently returned from a visit to our Far East suppliers to check on our supply chains and explore new product concepts. He has shared his key takeaways from the trip. What did you learn? This was my first trip to see our suppliers since the pandemic. It was amazing to […]

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A footprint made from leaves on a off white background

The carbon footprint of our products 

In 2022, we began the process of analysing and recording the carbon footprint of our business and each of our products. Our Environmental Task Force, which brings together team members from across our business, felt that this process needed to act as the overarching activity that would then go on to inform all other aspects […]

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Looking back over two decades

In October 2023, Gavin Wood, our Products and Purchasing Director, celebrates 20 years with the business. We spoke to him to look back at his time at Tributes and understand the key moments of his career from the last two decades.    Joining Tributes I joined Tributes fresh from college where I’d studied hand crafted […]

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Meet the manufacturers 

As part of our commitment to ensuring the highest quality production and building and maintaining strong supplier relationships, Gavin Wood, our Purchasing Director, has just returned from a regular trip to meet with our Far East manufacturers. The trip also gave him the opportunity to meet some potential new suppliers and to discuss future product […]

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Looking back over a decade

In July 2023, Adam Masters, our Managing Director, celebrates ten years with the business. Here he looks back at his time with the company, how the sector has changed over the past decade, and what’s next for Tributes. Joining Tributes… My career before Tributes was in a totally different sector – I worked as an […]

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Developing Close Supplier Relationships 

As our Purchasing Director, Gavin Wood, embarks on his regular ‘World Tour’ to catch up with our manufacturers, we take a look at the supplier relationships that have helped us build and sustain Tributes over nearly thirty years.   When Richard Bush (Bushy) first established Tributes the product range was extremely limited – we started out […]

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