Our English Willow Bespoke Coffin

rainbow coloured coffin in a garden with a floral arrangement on the lid

Handwoven in the UK, our English Willow coffins can now be completely personalised; woven to any size or colour specification.  Made to order, with a wide range of colours to choose from, each coffin can be created to reflect the life of the person lost. With a wide range of colours to choose from, each individual personality can be honoured with a bright and unique coffin.

Introducing bespoke options for our English Willow coffins.

Woven with care by the Coates team in Somerset, each band of willow is hand-dyed with vegetable-based materials before the strands are woven together using traditional methods. Each coffin is highly personalisable with a wide range of colours available, which can be woven into a subtle single band of colour or used together to create a distinctive multi-coloured rainbow effect.

Once the willow has been harvested, the team at Coates will submerge two to three bunches of willow in the vegetable dye. This is a highly skilled process, and only two to three bunches of willow will be dyed at a time. To create colourful willow bunches would usually take seven days of soaking but the Coates team use a heat bath to speed up the process. After an hour in the dye, the willow is removed to dry in the sun for a day. Once dried, the bunches are then re-soaked to lock in the colour before being handed over to the weaving team.

There are three components of the coffin which can be customised with colour; the plait, middle wale and bottom wale. The below diagram illustrates each element and how the willow can look with colour. Alternatively, the whole coffin can be woven with coloured willow. There is also the option to leave elements of the weave in their natural colour for a more organic appearance.

Diagram showing weave patterns of a willow coffin.

Our English Willow Bespoke Coffins are woven into our signature teardrop shape and fully lined with natural unbleached cotton calico. Due to being made with natural materials, colour consistency cannot be guaranteed. All our coffins are FFMA-certified and are completely biodegradable.

To find out more about our English Willow Bespoke Coffin, contact our Sales Team.

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