Can I keep my loved one’s ashes at home?

ashes keepsake candle, engraved with name and dates.


If you’ve chosen to keep a loved one’s ashes in your home, it can be difficult to find something to place them in that’s just right. You may want an item which is in keeping with your own choice of interior design, or an option which is a little more inconspicuous to anyone but you. In this situation there are a number of options which you can choose from.

 If you’d prefer to keep a large amount of ashes at home then a sensible and practical option is an ashes casket, which usually takes the form of a wooden box. There are a range of choices including those made from more sustainable woods such as bamboo. Some options even have a photo frame lid, in where you can place a favourite picture of your loved one. These boxes can also be engraved with subtle images or messages to make them even more individual and special.

 Alternatively, some urns are, to all appearances, simply a beautiful photo frame. The latest photo frame urns have a cleverly concealed ashes casket housed in the back. And it can be a comfort knowing that while the photo is visible, the true purpose of the frame is much more special, understood only by you, or who you choose to tell.


Keepsake items  

Many people find it comforting to place a small amount of ashes in a keepsake. Some options such as candles, can be left on the mantlepiece at home and others, including memory stones, can be kept with you.

 A heart shaped keepsake is a lovely choice if you want a small item which physically reflects your love for the person you’ve lost. Wooden hearts are the perfect size to hold in the palm of your hand, or display on a stand, and can hold a tiny quantity of ashes, along with photos and other small mementos such as a ring.

 You may be looking for something that reflects the warmth that you felt for your loved one, as well as the light that they brought into your life. An eternity candle is a lovely option, and can be engraved with a name and a message. These candles can provide a focal point for contemplation, and an opportunity to quietly remember your loved one. They can also help to create a peaceful atmosphere on certain occasions, including birthdays or anniversaries, when you might wish to remember them or celebrate their life with your friends and family.

 If you’re looking for something which you can keep close to you at all times, a Memory Stone is a great alternative. These understated black, polished stones, with space for a short engraving, provide a subtle memorial. With their smooth, solid feel, they are designed to be held, providing a comforting tactile tribute to your loved one. The strength and durability of the stone might also evoke a sense of the enduring love that you have for the person who you’ve lost. And discreet and small as they are, they can be carried with you wherever you go.

 It can also be a comfort to personalise your chosen item with an engraving. You may want the name of your loved one inscribed on a keepsake or urn, or to add something which expresses your feelings for your loved one. Whatever the message, this can be a worthwhile way to turn a beautiful object into a truly personal tribute.

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