Are all coffins the same?

Three images of woven coffins with a large floral arrangement on top of them. On the left, a coffin in the traditional shape where it widesn at the shoulders then tapers towards the feet is on top of a log in a green field. The central image is of a coffin in a tear drop shape that has been pained a teal blue - the handles are made from a brown material - rope. This coffin is placed in a green field with blue sky. The right image is of a tear drop coffin made from willow and bulrush - the bulrush section is darker, with thinner strands woven into the centre of the coffin sides. This coffin is on a sandy beach with the tide out.

If you ask most people what a coffin looks like, it’s likely they’ll describe a traditional, solid wood coffin. Yet today, there are a variety of styles available – from traditional coffins to eco-friendly coffins made from a range of different materials. Here we explore some of the options available to families.

Traditional Coffins

Traditional coffins are typically made from solid wood, with Oak and Mahogany being a popular choice. However, wooden options tend to sit at the top of the price range with alternatives such as wood veneer available at a considerably lower price, offering a more affordable choice for families.

Woven Coffins

For those looking for an alternative to the traditional coffin, woven coffins are often described as having a particularly natural and soft aesthetic. They are also likely to be a more sustainable choice. Tributes’ woven Bamboo, Willow and Bulrush coffins are made using traditional methods with only natural materials. Our coffins contain no plastic or metal parts and are completely biodegradable.


Willow coffins are ideal for families wanting an organic look and provide a very strong yet beautiful option. Willow is very fast-growing and offers a sustainable  for making coffins. Our English willow coffins are created from willow grown and woven by hand, by traditional craftspeople in Somerset.


As a 100% natural and eco-friendly material, bamboo is a great choice for those wanting a more eco-focused or ‘greener’ funeral. Like our other woven coffins, bamboo options are suitable for natural burial. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant, and its ability to regenerate and be harvested in a short space of time makes it extremely sustainable.


Bulrush is similar in appearance to seagrass and has a soft green tone which compliments the golden willow weave beautifully. The combination of materials gives the coffin a lovely softness, with attractive mixed colours and textures.

Unconventional Coffins

With so many coffin choices available, many families are now considering less traditional options for funeral services. Woollen, photo, glitter and cardboard coffins are just some examples of unconventional coffins which can now be used. Some people even choose to use a shroud instead of a coffin, particularly for natural burials.

Coloured Coffins

A coloured coffin can be chosen to reflect the tastes and personality of a loved one. With many coffins now able to be spray painted, it’s easier for families to personalise their loved one’s final farewell. When selecting one of our Willow coffins there are no restrictions; we can paint it any colour of the rainbow! A Tributes’ coloured coffin can tastefully highlight flowers or other decorations, to bring your loved one’s personality into full, colourful, focus. For a coffin using multiple colours, we recommend our English Willow Bespoke Coffin.

The wide variety of options available these days, from eco-friendly and personalised coffins to coffins made with unconventional materials, allow each family to choose a coffin that is right for them and their loved one.

Our Customer Care team are experts in exploring the options available and offering advice where needed.  Please get in touch to discuss our coffin range or ask any questions.

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