Bamboo Coffins

Handwoven with natural, sustainable materials

Our Bamboo coffins are carefully made by hand using traditional weaving methods by our skilled craftspeople.

Bamboo is a fast-growing natural sustainable weaving material. Bamboo’s beautiful colour and subtle sheen and weave have a distinctive, natural yet contemporary look.

Our woven Bamboo coffins have our signature curved “teardrop” shape which has a gentle appeal. They are fully lined with natural unbleached cotton calico to complement their contemporary handmade look.

Our Bamboo coffins are available in a wide range of sizes and all are certified by the F.F.M.A.

Are Bamboo coffins biodegradable?

Our Bamboo coffins are made from all-natural materials, with no metal or plastic parts, so they are completely biodegradable. They are suitable for natural burial (also known as woodland burial) as well as for cremation.

Can a Bamboo coffin be cremated?

All our Bamboo coffins are certified by the Funeral Furnishing Manufacturers’ Association. They have passed stringent tests of their suitability for use in a crematorium. You can find our certification information here, and read more about the F.F.M.A.’s testing regime here.

Can I buy a matching ashes urn for the Bamboo coffin?

We have a lovely handwoven ashes casket to complement our Bamboo coffin. Both the bamboo coffin and matching ashes casket can be ordered from your funeral director.

What makes bamboo a sustainable material?

Bamboo is a very fast-growing plant – in fact, it’s a type of grass. It grows to its full size in a matter of months, which is extremely fast when compared with the time trees can take to grow to harvest for wood. It has the ability to regenerate and be harvested within a short time and this makes bamboo extremely sustainable as a material for all kinds of uses.

In addition to its sustainability as a resource, bamboo also has some other environmentally friendly benefits as it reduces carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and increases oxygen. Bamboo thrives in growing conditions that other crops find challenging, freeing up better-quality land for other crops. Without the need for fertiliser or pesticides, it can be eco-friendly for farmers to grow alongside their other crops. The root systems of bamboo plants also help reduce soil erosion and farmers can use it as a barrier to protect other crops from water and soil loss. It doesn’t even need replanting, as bamboo can regenerate from its own root system, making it low maintenance.

As a material for making coffins bamboo has the advantages of incredible strength and flexibility, perfect for weaving. A woven bamboo coffin has not only an attractive, natural look but is also strong and secure.

The bamboo we use to create our lovely woven coffins is not one of the varieties eaten by pandas. Pandas have to eat a lot of bamboo, but they’re fussy and only eat certain species.

Why choose a Tributes Bamboo Coffin?

Every one of our hand-crafted bamboo coffins is made by skilled artisans using methods that have been handed down through generations of craftspeople. We take great pride in carefully checking and preparing all our bamboo coffins before they leave us, to ensure families receive a coffin that will honour their loved one and reflect the love they have for them.

Our Bamboo Coffins are also available in babies and children’s sizes


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You can order our beautiful woven coffins through your Funeral Director


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