Environmental Information

Environmental Information

We, at Tributes, take our responsibility of managing global resources seriously and do our utmost to source our products ethically and with consideration to environmental and social impacts.

We regularly review our products and procedures in order to make improvements, such as:

  • transporting our products in ways which minimize environmental impact
  • using packaging made from recycled material wherever possible and minimise packaging where we can
  • insisting our suppliers source raw materials in a responsible and sustainable way
  • ensuring our products are made from natural biodegradable materials where possible
  • regularly visiting all manufacturers to inspect working standards and practices and offering support in production methods where necessary

Sustainable Sourcing Policy

We are committed to develop and buy the products we supply in a responsible way. We will regularly review our product sources and ensure that our suppliers understand our sustainability standards and comply with them. As a minimum we require our suppliers to meet the legal requirements of their country.  Our sustainable sourcing policy covers:

Paper/Cardboard Products

 We use recycled paper in all of our paper/cardboard products. This policy results in a significantly lower carbon footprint, on average 40% less energy when compared to making paper/cardboard products from raw materials. Our policy of using recycled paper will also reduce landfill waste and air and water pollution.

Timber Products

We develop, stock and supply timber and wood-based products sourced from certified/known and legal sources, or made from recycled material. We work with suppliers that meet our minimum standards and will help them move towards certified sourcing if appropriate. Where a supplier is found not to be meeting our minimum standards we will require them to change their sourcing and if necessary we will change supplier so as to conform with our policy.

Use of Natural Resources

We recognise that the uncontrolled sourcing of animal products, plant species and minerals can have serious effects on local eco-systems. Willow and bamboo used in our products must be produced in a sustainable way. Bamboo products are 100% Panda friendly.

What We Are Doing

We trace all new supplier streams to ensure materials used in our products are sourced in a sustainable way and we are working towards full traceability for historical supply chains. We request that our timber products are sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified companies and where we find timber products have not originated from certified sources, we are using our influence with manufacturers to ensure their suppliers gain this accreditation.

Enviromental Task Force

The Tributes Green Team consists of Adam, Tori, Gavin, Liam, and Melan. The team’s role is to look at the impact Tributes has on the planet and direct change, on both a strategic and operational level.

We are currently focusing on two areas. One goal is to have our key products made from FSC-certified materials within the next 12 months, by January 2024.  We are working closely with our suppliers to achieve this goal.

Our second area of focus will be to accurately assess our carbon footprint. This will allow us to reduce and offset our emissions, ultimately becoming a carbon-neutral business. The team is currently considering several certification programs including B-Corp Impact Assessment and Investors in People, as the first steps towards achieving our environmental targets.

Our company has supported several charities over the years, and this year we are continuing the tradition with our environmental initiatives in mind by supporting the South Downs National Trust, a charity that works towards preserving and nurturing the park for the future.

Our Green Team meets regularly to discuss environmental issues that impact us, and to push forward with the necessary actions that will ensure we operate with the best interests of our staff, our customers and our planet in mind.



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